A World of Addicts

In popular reference materials, the word addiction is continually defined using words like: ‘compulsive’, ‘habit-forming’, ‘substance’, and ‘harmful’. The stigma of addiction is negative and yet everyone in this world is subject to at least one addiction. Some addictions, of course, are obvious or easily spotted, only the addict or a select few know some addictions, and some addictions are not spotted at all and are taken for granted.

A “destructive addiction” (destructive to a successful life) is most often a condition that is obvious, such as drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Other addictions may not be as evident. A few (less evident) common examples are sexual addictions, gambling addictions, gaming, texting, television, and so many more! These are treatable conditions, although the addict must acknowledge the problem and desire resolute change.

My opinion is that there are “pro-addictions” (productive to success) as well. Some examples are exercise regiments, health foods, or intensive study habits. There are many more; challenge yourself to think of one that fits you! In this vein, we should all aspire to be addicts.

There are also macro addictions that can be good, bad, or perhaps both. Oil/petroleum consumption, driving vehicles, use of electronic devices, and consumerism all have us addicted to one extent or another. Organized religion might fit in as either a good or bad addiction, depending upon perspective! The point is that some addictions are clearly destructive and others clearly productive, while some addictions breach both categories.

What is/ are your addiction(s)? I challenge and encourage all readers to examine their addictions and determine usefulness (to success in life) and try to help someone else with a destructive addiction. Once again, awareness and acceptance is half the battle. Change of the destructive and promotion of the positive is the other half.

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